A couple reasons to blog

I have thought about blogging for a while and to be honest the reasons to do this were many. Let me start with the obvious one being the continuing crap that is facebook. When facebook first started it was a great tool, not only for family and friends to stay connected but also for businesses to also advertise their services. Slowly though Facebook has changed their algorithm to take out the part of facebook that I really enjoyed, which was actually getting updates from your friends and family.

The next thing facebook has become, this time nothing that they have really done, is it has become a place where you share what you want and not be open to a real discussion about what was shared. I seriously have one friend on facebook that I know can have an open, honest discussion where different opinions are shared without anger coming back from a response. It is actually refreshing to see this, because normally a difference of opinion gets you the removal of that friend, or people coming back and calling you names.FACEBOOK-sucks

Why I have more problems with facebook I will move on, the other main reason is I need more focus in my life. I need to be able to express an idea over 140 characters, actually checking my spelling and somewhat trying to fix my grammar. So I am using this tool to help me really formulate my thought and put it down on digital paper. By no means am I saying that what I am saying right here is going to be 100% grammatically correct. I am saying that as I continue to write, my writing will hopefully improve.

What you should plan on seeing on this blog will be my photography, my future video work, fiction and non fiction writing and more of my REAL political, religious and social views on things. I know what you are thinking, does not sound like a lot fun. But at least I can accomplish my other goals which will be improving my writing skills. Skills that I actually had in high school.

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